Do you need a driveway makeover?

Driveway Before Renovation

Recently, we were called by a Penryn, CA homeowner to take a look at their driveway. One of the first things we noticed was the signs of soil erosion around the driveway coming from the planters. We also noticed asphalt cracking from settling.

What you see pictured is a driveway to a large country side ranch house. The mulch in the planters is doing very little to keep the dirt off the pavement.

We proposed the addition of poured in place concrete curbs and the addition of a 3 inch thick layer of mulch. We chose poured in place curbs over the typical landscape machine landscape curbs because of durability. The curbs used in landscaping do not have large sized aggregates to withstand cars or farm equipment from accidentally breaking when hit or run over.

Curb Forming Driveway Rehab ProjectDue to the size of this project, we spent days preparing and forming the driveway for the new curbs.

We also felt it was a good idea to continue the curbs around the backside of the wood rail fence to separate the planters from the pasture. This added an additional touch of class to the project.

Once the curbs were poured, we repaired the asphalt with a fresh coating of slurry seal. This added years of service to the driveway and provided a clean and polished look.

Completing the project, we added additional plantings and covered the entire planters with a 3 inch layer of wood mulch.  The wood mulch finished the project nicely and also provides water savings for the landscape.

In the end, our Penryn, CA homeowners were ecstatic. Finally, after many years of having the typical country side driveway, their driveway is now worthy of their country estate.

CAD Construction specializes in country estate property renovations. Whether you need a new facelift for your driveway or a new equestrian facility for your horses, we are here to help.


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