Choosing A Contractor

You will be inviting your new contractor into your life for a while. Listen to what the contractor says, but also pay attention to how the contractor acts and makes you feel.

• Do you like the contractor?
• Do you feel comfortable and not under pressure?
• Does the contractor inspire your trust?
• Do the contractor and company employees seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to your job?
• Do they seem to operate legally and behave ethically?
• Do they return phone calls promptly?
• Are they timely?
• Do they listen to your questions and concerns and answer them in a way that is forthcoming and that you can understand?
• Does the contractor dress neatly and have a vehicle and tools that look well-maintained?


Contractors who are bidding jobs are on their best behavior. If you already notice that a contractor treats you or others in ways that concern you, better to find another contractor that you feel more comfortable with. Here are some things to look for.

  1. Avoid high pressure salesmen.
    Avoid high pressure salesmen and people who offer “Today Only Discounts.” Such people are trying to get you to make a decision before you have had a chance to gather sufficient information about the contractor. A good contractor will be happy to provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision.
  2. Do not automatically choose the lowest bid.
    A contracting company may deliberately or unintentionally bid too low. The contractor may intentionally omit items that the job requires and give you a low bid, only to come back later saying that additional work needs to be done. Some contractors may unintentionally bid low through inexperience. Either way, the contractor may ask for more money to finish the job or leave you with an incomplete project. 

    Price is important, but judge the entire picture a contractor is showing you — character, expertise, the ease of working with him or her, and overall value.

  3. Do not make a decision based on insufficient information.
    The old saying “Act in haste and repent at leisure” fully applies when it comes to choosing a contractor. Before you go ahead, gather sufficient information so that you can feel comfortable with your choice.

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